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POPE FRANCIS: My Door Is Always Open

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POPE FRANCIS: My Door Is Always Open

Autor: BERGOGLIO,Jorge Mario

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Including accounts of Pope Francis' visit to Brazil for World Youth Week, My Door is Always Open is the first book written by the Pope since he was elected and is the most convincing and persuasive guide to Pope Francis's vision as one of the most charismatic figures of our time.
My Door is Always Open is the complete and definitive set of interviews between Pope Francis and Jesuit priest Antonio Spadaro.

In the summer of 2013, Pope Francis gave three extended interviews to Spadaro, the head of La Civilta Cattolica (Catholic Civilisation), a Catholic periodical based in Rome, in which he spoke at length about his background, his Faith, and his vision for the Roman Catholic Church. Here, at last, is the complete collection of the interviews with a full commentary by Spadaro, the interlocutor and commentator.

In this compelling and engrossing dialogue, Antonio Spadaro introduces a Pope of great intellect and intelligence, who for the first time gives a rounded and substantial account of where he may lead the Roman Catholic Church in the years to come. Insightful and sincere, Pope Francis expounds upon the contemporary issues facing the Church, including the role of women and his experiences at the heart of Church governance, and he and Spadaro discuss at length the major issues facing religion around the world.

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Nombre: POPE FRANCIS: My Door Is Always Open

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Precio: $ 766,41

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ISBN: 9781472909763

Autor: BERGOGLIO,Jorge Mario


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