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JIMMY NELSON: Homage to Humanity - Rizzoli

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JIMMY NELSON: Homage to Humanity - Rizzoli

Autor: NELSON, Jimmy

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$ 6.250,00


In Homage to Humanity, photographer Jimmy Nelson takes you on a new and extraordinary journey, visiting indigenous communities dotted across five continents. His iconic, intimate and spectacular images from each destination are accompanied by travel journals, maps, local facts, and personal interviews with some of the people portrayed.
Join Jimmy Nelson on an odyssey that takes him to some of the planet’s most remote and beautiful places, home to many vibrant, thriving but sometimes fragile cultures. We hope this book will be a catalyst for a meaningful discussion about all our futures.

To accompany Homage to Humanity, Jimmy Nelson and his team have created a companion mobile app. It is a remarkable record of their journeys on a state-of-the-art platform, with immersive 360 films, behind-the-scenes footage, storytelling and more.

Each image in this book has hidden, digital layers. Go even deeper into Jimmy Nelson’s photographs with exciting additional material that will bring you new insights into his work, and new perspectives on the lives of the people he visited.

Información Adicional

Nombre: JIMMY NELSON: Homage to Humanity - Rizzoli

Código Kel: 1310268

Peso: 0.1234

Precio: $ 6.250,00

Edición: No

ISBN: 9780847862146

Autor: NELSON, Jimmy

Editorial: RIZZOLI

Páginas: 528

Encuadernación: HARDBACK

Tamaño: No

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