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HUMAN STAIN, THE - Vintage Paperback

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HUMAN STAIN, THE - Vintage Paperback

Autor: ROTH,Philip

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$ 439,45
Coleman Silk has a secret. But it's not the secret of his affair, at seventy-one, with a woman half his age with a savagely wrecked past. And it's not the secret of Coleman's alleged racism, which provoked the college with hunt that cost him his job and, to his mind, killed his wife. Coleman's secret has been kept for fifty years: from his wife, his four children, his colleagues, and his friends, including the writer Nathan Zuckerman, who sets out, after Coleman's suspicious death in a car crash with his mistress, to understand how this eminent, upright man, esteemed as an educator for nearly all his life, had fabricated his identity and how that cannily controlled life came unravelled.

Información Adicional

Nombre: HUMAN STAIN, THE - Vintage Paperback

Código Kel: 1210136

Peso: 0.2700

Precio: $ 439,45

Edición: No

ISBN: 9780099282198

Autor: ROTH,Philip


Páginas: 361

Encuadernación: PAPERBACK

Tamaño: 13x19.5

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